Genuine experience
I had originally contacted another dealer to test ride the bike but was really drawn to Quaid Harley because of the customer service and respect that I received from Rich. As I had been an avid rider throughout my life owning European motorcycles I never thought I would purchase a Harley Davidson. I had some hesitation but was truly sold on the genuine and sincerity that Rich provided for me at Quaid Harley. I applied online and was instantly approved and was contacted by Quaid. During my purchasing experience I never felt any hassling from anyone. Even after providing Quaid with another proposal that a local dealer had offered me. Quaid was not in anyway offended. Quaid hardly was more transparent and offer me even a better rate than the local dealer. At the end of the day I chose quite hardly because of Rich and the non-hassle experience that I had (Employee: Rich Huerta)
Joshua Ochoa
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