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We saw B at a Computer Seminar. She was giving info for the Green club and solar society for the Harley-Davidson Livewire. Man is she passionate about that bike!! Got us excited and a few of us r now seriously debating getting one and becoming the Electric crew! Lol. B reaches out to us all and always answers and helps us. Not sure when we will buy, but when we do its going to be w B at Quaid. She knows her stuff and is just a super cool person. Even if I never buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, I will probably always stay in touch with B. Thanks again. Ill be seeing you again soon!!! (Employee: B Meekins)
Jacorey B
Jacorey you are the best...and you are right! B is very passionate about the Electric Livewire and Harley-Davidson in general! When you're ready we will be here to earn your and all of your electric crew! Thanks for the review!!

Kristin Braaten
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