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I had multiple friends of mine suggest talking to the team at Quaid Harley Davidson when I mentioned I was interested in purchasing a Harley Davidson. I was immediately connected with Jeremiah, B & Brandon. Throughout the entire process I was not pushed or felt like I was being sold whereas other dealerships my phone email and text were getting blow up, the team at Quaid were very patient, yet made sure they were there if I had any questions. In other words they were not hovering over me which made me feel comfortable with my decision. Jeremiah was great, I called and text him multiple times, and as someone who has never owned a Street Motorcycle in my life, he was great, patient and answered ALL my questions which im grateful for! B did a fantastic job when it came down to figuring out the process of purchasing, how to go about getting my licence and always following up yet again, not being to forward, Thank you B I appreciate you! Brandon was a great man to meet he too helped with any questions I had and though was busy at times, still made me feel important enough to answer all my questions and help point me in the right direction. I am the kind of man that is its not broke don't fix it, I have no need to look for another Harley Dealer, Quaid is my go-to. Thank you Quaid Harley Davidson, you've earned my business, future business and any referrals I can send your way. (Employee: B Meekins, Brandon Quaid, Jeremiah Wolfe)
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Peter Quesada
You are great Peter! Thank you for the best review ever! :)
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