Too good to leave without a bike
I really just came to look at a couple bikes I saw online, and was greeted by Adrian who was super nice and helped out a lot. Gave me all the info I wanted. B., has been the one I have been contacting for a few months while I have been back to looking for another bike. B. has helped a lot with information and bikes that I would be interested in. Well, went in to look at one, Adrian was not pushy at all, just let my gf and I browse and was there to answer any question. Sure enough, crunched some numbers, and next thing I knew, I was leaving with a bike. Awesome experience. Only dealer I will buy from, from now on. Thanks guys (Employee: Adrian Magana, B Meekins)
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Dustyn Armstrong
Our laid back approach is what we are all about and what sets us apart from the rest! We will always work hard ot keep your business here with us Dustyn!
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