Couldnt say No!
Which means that B Meekins had been texting back on forth quite a bit after I asked about getting a New/Used Road Glide, I even tried beating Her/Quaids deal by going to Riverside and Temecula Dealerships.... Even after I told her I was doing it, and letting her know the lies the other shops came up with, she talked with me about still wanting to earn our business, like we have a few times before... It worked, we had to wait a week, came out and looked at a Used Street Glide, but it didnt do anything for me, looked at a Used Road Glide (which was/is very nice), but my budget wouldnt make it work, so, we looked at a 2020 Road Glide, they got us close enough to our budget, so we traded and rode it home.... Its a beautiful bike, its the bike Im supposed to have, because I can make it my own, not have someone elses idea! My Thanks goes to B for not giving up on us, and to ZACH, JEREMIAH and Rich for all the help, sorry I drug it out all day, but Lolo (The Wife) says This is your last bike, you better Love it! I do, We do, and she loves her Fat Bob Special that we bought a little while back... Thanks everyone at Quaid, for everything you do!! Diesel and Miss Lolo (Employee: B Meekins)
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Charles (Diesel) Martin
It was a day well spent Chuck! Thank you for trusting us with your business...and thank you for the great review!
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