We dropped my wifes 2019 street glide special off last Wednesday to have the tank replaced as it had a large scratch when I drop the bike off and had about 3/4 of a tank, when I picked it up it had about a half of tank I did not think much about it I know you have to drain the fuel. I got a few miles away I got a few miles away on the 215 going through San Bernardino in the carpool lane going about 80 when it shut off like it ran out of fuel but it said it had half of a tank, I had to get a crossed five lanes of traffic to the shoulder at rush-hourGood night figure it out because it still said half of a tank, took my wife about an hour to get there with the trailer after several tries I did get it to start long enough to get it up the ramp around that time lights came on showing it was basically out of fuel which is hard to miss so I know it did not indicate that before so my first service experience was not that great, maybe you could have the guy that did not put the gas back in the tank or tell me it was empty wash a few extra bikes on his lunch hour Thanks Johnny (Employee: Brandon Quaid)
Johnny Carricaburu

We are sorry to hear about your experience Johnny! The Service Department should have reached out to you by now but if there is anything else we can do please email Kristin at QCC@Quaid.net.

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