Customer John Carricaburu
Wednesday we brought my wifes 2019 street glide special that we purchased a couple months ago into the service department to have the fuel tank replaced, it had a large scratch on it from the show room floor the day we bought it, so you agreed to replace the tank if it could not be repaired which they did. When we dropped it off it had about 3/4 of a tank of fuel when I picked it up the gauge showed about a half a tank I did not think much about it I knew you must of had to drain the tank to swap it call me I got about three or 4 miles away on the 215 going through San Bernardino in the carpool lane doing about when the bike shut off like a ran out of fuel and I had to get across five lanes of traffic to the shoulder The gauge still showed 1/2 obviously you know when the fuel is low the way the dash and the indicator lights light up pretty hard to miss but it still said 1/2 I had to sit on the shoulder about an hour until my wife got there with the trailer I have tried to start it a few times and got it to run long enough to get up the ramp into the trailer thats when the light came on and showed empty basically, Which it was call mom I went straight to the gas station filled it up it was obviously empty but by then the battery was too low to start after trying to start it several times and having the emergency flashers on, Got the battery charged up to be OK, not trying to be a whiner but I felt like I wanted to let you know after buying for motorcycles from Quaid my first experience in the service department is not that great. Maybe you could make the guy that forgot to put fuel back in it or tell me it was empty wash a few extra bikesOn his lunch hour, thanks Johnny (Employee: Brandon Quaid)
Johnny Carricaburu

We are sorry to hear about your experience Johnny! The Service Department should have reached out to you by now but if there is anything else we can do please email Kristin at
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