Do you really want me to leave a message again. I used your website to setup an appointment over a weekend and I never received a email or call. A week later someone calls me from my request to see if I wanted to do a test ride I said no and told them I thought it was a call about a service he said hed forward to service and for 4 days never heard anything so I finally called and got an appointment. I took in Just before July 4th and I know he looked busy for long weekend and told him I was not in a rush to have it done right away since I was heading for leukemia treatment in Texas so in 2 weeks it would be great. Was told no problem almost seems like 3+ weeks may not have been I was bugging to get my bike out. Finally got it after multiple calls and saying it was almost done but wasnt. A few things still seemed not quite right but was giving time to see if better. Then I got a email not sure from Quaid or Harley Davidson about service. I replied people were great but had a few issues still on the bike. At end of response on the site stated someone would be getting back to me. So I waited for a call or email. No response. So about 3 weeks later I get another email asking if I heard any response. I again responded and said no. And they still have not responded its been about 3-4 weeks its now October and no response. I have been quite busy from being in and out of town so its my fault for not picking up the phone and calling since there seems to be a problem with using electronic communications via Quaids website and whoever sent a request of how my service was. So again as stated above: 1) Quaid website for service no response so just call dont use the their nice website for service request. 2) if you get a email from Harley Davidson or Quaid on your service dont expect a response just call. As soon as Im back in town Ill call. Nobody seems to use their own tools electronically.
Steve Dillon

We are sorry to hear that you have had such a difficult time getting your service needs taken care of. We certainly mean for our electronic systems to make life easier not harder! When you are ready give the Service Manager, Cavin a call, he will be looking forward to taking great care of you. (909)796-8399
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